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Kazinczy street Orthodox Synagogue

Thoughts about the photos...

1. Kazinczy street in Budapest. The Orthodox Kazinczy synagogue appears in the background with its beautiful Art Noveau facade.
2. It is impossible to take a full-size photo of the Kazinczy synagogue from the street.
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Tours in the Jewish Quarter including the Kazinczy street Orthodox Synagogue:

Would you like to...

understand the Hungarian Jewish history?
know more about the everyday Jewish life of Budapest?
discover the synagogues in the Budapest Jewish Quarter?

If yes, then we suggest you participate in one of the Jewish Quarter guided tours we offer. The EXTENDED tour begins with the Dohany street synagogue, then takes you out to the Budapest Jewish Quarter into two more synagogues: the Rumbach and the Kazinczy.

History of the Kazinczy street Synagogue in Budapest

The Synagogue

In the middle of the VIIth district of Budapest, a modern capital of Europe today, lies the center of traditional orthodox Jewish life. Important institutions enrich the area enclosed by residential buildings, we can find here a synagogue, a prayer room, a kosher restaurant, a school and nearby is the only mikvah of Budapest.

Orthodox Judaism in Hungary

Organizationally, Hungarian Orthodox Jews are unique in the world, as in 1868, the Hungarian Orthodox declared themselves independent of Progressive and Conservative Judaism. The mentality of the Hungarian Orthodoxy has been forged from a synthesis of the religious practices of the Ashkenazy Jews who immigrated from Germany and Moravia, and of the Hassidic Jews, who came from Poland and Galicia. Today Hungarian-speaking Orthodox Jews live in Hungary and its environs in Slovakia, Sub-Carpathia and Transylvania. Most historic accounts of 20th-century Judaism end with 1944. Some of the Orthodox Jews who survived the Holocaust did return to Hungary and Hungarian-speaking towns in neighbouring countries.
After the war, Jews who returned to their homes reestablished the strength of community life. At the end of 1947, 137 Orthodox congregations existed in Hungary; however, the size of the community was soon greatly diminished. In 1950, after the fall of Hungarian democracy, 87 of those congregations ceased to exist. After the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, the Jewish Orthodox community shrank further in population. Some Jews emigrated while others, through choice or necessity, remained in Europe. The bearers of the faith who remained had to combat antisemitism, antizionism, and the anticlericalism of the Soviet-related socialist system which affected Christians as well as Jews. Despite these difficulties, owing to the strength of their tradition, and the force of will of individuals, Orthodox Jewish communities have continued to endure in Hungary. (source: view here)

Getting there

Address: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 29-31., entrance from Dob utca.
- take subway M1 (yellow) / M2 (red) / M3 (blue) to De�k t�r station, then walk on K�roly k�r�t towards Astoria, turn left at Dob utca.
- take subway M2, tram 47, 49 or bus 7, 78 to Astoria station, then walk on K�roly k�r�t towards De�k t�r, turn right at Dob utca.

Opening hours of the Kazinczy street Orthodox synagogue

Monday - Thursday: 10:00 - 15:30
Friday & Sunday: 10:00 - 12:30

The Kazinczy street Orthodox Synagogue is CLOSED in 2009 on the following days:

- on the Hungarian national days the institutes and museums of Budapest usually remain closed.

- on the Jewish High Holidays the synagogues are not open for visitors (there are services).

Entrance tickets to the Kazinczy street Orthodox synagogue:

- adults, students: 800 HUF (3,5 €)

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